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  • Welcome to e-Learn@UPNM
    Welcome to the main homepage of e-Learning Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia. Once logged-in, members of university will be able to fully utilise the groupware and learning management system available in the system. Both of these web-based application are known as WebCube and UPNM e-Learning respectively.

    WebCube is a groupware application designed to facilitate communication, collaboration, information sharing, document management and content management among members of the organization. Among features available in WebCube are:

    UPNM e-Learning is a Learning Management System designed to facilitate the process of effective learning among members of the organization as well as interested individual or group from outside. Using this system, the portfolio owner can deliver on-line teaching and training across organization with speed and intelligence at a very minimal cost. Among features available in LearningCube are:

    • Announcement Management
    • Notes Management
    • Document Management
    • Forum Management
    • Learning Track Management
    • Links Management
    • Multimedia Content Management
    • Reference Book Management
    • News Management
    • Assignment Management
    • Assessment Management
    • User Management